Saturday, May 23, 2015

#1: English speaking practice in Minecraft

    I have made five English speaking practice video on YouTube since last week. This video is something like a blog, but I can not speak English fluently or correctly because English is not my native language ― my native language is Japanese, so I'm thinking of writing down the things that I wanted to say and was not able to talk about well.

    Actually, there are many things that I want to talk about, but today I supposed to write one thing. The thing is "making mistakes". "Making mistakes" is important and necessary; especially necessary for your speaking without "thinking". Maybe I referred to it in my #5 video, but in general we speak or talk without "thinking". Of course we speak or talk thinking about its contents or else, but we do not speak or talk thinking about its grammar or accent or pronounciation. In other words, when you think about the language itself we can not speak the language very well. If we try not to make a mistake in our second language speaking, we should think about the language itself, grammar, accent, pronunciation. So, this is why "making mistakes" is important and necessary for your speaking. Not to be afraid of making mistakes is essential for your speaking without thinking.

    In my point of view we the second language learner ―especially the English learner in Japan are tend to be afraid of making mistakes.

What? Am I afraid of it? Yes I used to be, but not now. Maybe, this writing is the very evidence!

My YouTube channel is ESPINMC

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